Face Ka Bobs Custom Cardboard Head Cutouts made from your photos, designs and more

Face Ka Bobs: Great for all Occasions

Welcome to Face Ka Bobs.com, the best big head cutouts on the internet! Face Ka Bobs are super portable cutouts made from high quality cardboard, perfect for everything from the big game to the next big election.

We can make custom Face Ka Bobs from almost any photo or design and help you stand out from the rest.

  • The 12" Face-Ka-Bob!

    A 12" Face-Ka-Bob is perfect for parties, events, or gatherings. Made right from your photo!
  • The 24" Face-Ka-Bob!

    Sometimes you just need a lotta ka-bob, and thats why we made these HUGE 24" face-kabobs!
  • The 36" Face-Ka-Bob!

    When a 2 foot Face Ka Bob just won't do go for the XL! Introducing our newest product, the 36" Face Ka Bob! Get everyone's attention with this!
  • The 48" Face-Ka-Bob!

    The 48" Face Ka Bob is a huge Ka Bob at a great price! Our 48" Face Ka Bob is perfect for standing out in any situation!
  • The 60" Face-Ka-Bob!

    Truly Our BIGGEST KA BOB EVER! The 60" Face Ka Bob is THE BIGGEST Ka Bob on the internet! Our 60" Face Ka Bob is perfect for standing out in any crowd!

Made with your Photos

We can take almost any photo and turn it into a custom Face Ka Bob. Just pick a size, upload your photo on the product page and checkout, it's that simple.

Great for Everything

Face Ka Bobs are great for just about everything from sports events to weddings, parties and more.

Affordable & Fun

Starting at just $14.97, Face Ka Bobs are a fantastic custom gift for just about any purpose.

Step 1. Choose a Size

Choose from 4 sizes: 12in, 24in, 36in or 48in
Face Ka bobs

Step 2. Upload a Photo

Take a photo with your digital camera (at least 5 megapixel) and upload it during the order process. If you have any questions, just contact us.

Step 3. Checkout

Add your Ka Bobs to the cart and pay with our one page checkout. It's That Easy


Problems with the Upload?

File too large or just unable to upload the picture right this moment? Not a problem follow one of the two methods below to submit your photo later.

1. Upload your picture via our document hosting service Click here

2. Email the picture as an attachment to info@standees.com. Make sure to include your name order number and email adress on the order.