What is a Face-Ka-Bob?

You may be asking yourself “what in the heck is a FACE KA BOB?” and well, we dont really blame you. Sometimes even our friends give us some strange looks when we talk about face-ka-bobs. So, we're happy to answer that for you... A face ka bob is a fun new product made right from your photos! Face ka bobs are a picture of your face or head printed on high quality cardboard, then contour cut. with a conveinant handle for you to wave them around. Larger Face-Ka-Bobs come with a shield handle. Order yours today - Aint no party like a ka-bob party!

What Handle Will My Face-Kabob-Have

12" and 24" FAce-Ka-Bobs come with a cardbaord handle countour cut into your design file. Large Face-Ka-Bobs sizes 36" and up. come with our shield handle.

Does the handle count as part of my size?

No it does not. Face-Ka-Bobs are size from the chin to the top of your head proportinally. Then the handle is added.

Do You Offer Bulk Discounts?

Of course we do! The website handles quantities up to 1,000 Face-Ka-Bobs. For orders of 1,000 or more give us a call or contact us.

Can i be wearing a hat?

Yes you can. But keep in mind the Face-Ka-Bob Will be proportionally sized so from the chin to the top of the hat is 12".

What happens to long hair?

We can keep your beautiful hair but keep in mind the Face-Ka-Bob will be proportionally sized so from the top of the head, to the bottom of the hair. 12".

Example: If you have 6" of hair dangling below your chin your face would only take up half of a 12" Face-Ka-Bob.